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The origin of the Fast Tent business was in 2004 when we started up a boat shrink wrapping business in the UK.

Initially we shrink wrapped boats, mostly to create winter storage covers or making ‘boat tents’ for winter repairs and painting works. However, our business quickly began shrink wrapping scaffolding structures to provide temporary weather protection or environmental containment of dust and debris around large construction & repair projects. Rhino Shrink Wrap are now one of the worlds leading shrink wrap suppliers.


Now, shrink wrap sheeting is a great product but it is not the best solution for every weather protection problem. In particular, sheeting needs a support structure, it can be time consuming to install and once installed, it cannot be re-used which can be wasteful.

Our answer to the limitations of traditional sheeting was a rugged and re-usable air beam supported tent that could inflate in just a couple of minutes, with no framework or work at height, providing a controlled environment for works in the construction and marine industries. We began by designing a small ‘demo’ tent that was just 5 metres long x 3 metres wide and could easily fit into the back of a car.  


We have spent the last few years developing and evolving the Fast Tent adding a range of features to the tent to make them more ‘construction ready’. We now supply our tents to customers all around the world. 

Thanks to its easy manoeuvrability and the rugged nature of the Fast Tent, it has a number of different construction based applications. These applications include, but are not limited to, construction tents, swimming pool construction tents, painting and blasting tents and even cruise ship maintenance tents.

Today, Fast Tent is a global company with locations in the UK and North America.


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