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Fast Tent modules are supplied, as standard, with everything you need to get up and running straight ‘out of the box’. However, we supply a range of accessories and upgrades.

Fan Cover Acoustic

Constructed from wood and and covered in sound absorbing foam and PVC to to reduce noise levels.

In addition to noise reduction, the acoustic fan cover provides additional protection from water and dust ingress..

Fan Cover Foldable

Constructed from foam and PVC, these fan covers are designed to be folded flat for easy transport between sites.
Provides an additional guard against the elements and deters unauthorised access to the fans / blowers.


Transport Case

The Fast Tent transport case is manufactured using state of the art CNC machines to create a robust plywood case on 4 way pallet with quick release clips.

The case is reusable with the benefit of being able to store flat for its return journey but be very simple to put together. The patented metal clips allow the boxes to be erected in minutes yet are so well engineered they can be reused many hundreds of times.

Removable PVC floor

Many customers use Fast Tents to cover
construction projects and so a floor is not
required. However, if you are using a tent as
a workshop, or for storage purposes then
adding PVC floor to your tent will provide
extra insulation and weather protection.



Ballast is used when Fast Tent is setup on hard surfaces and it is not desirable to drill anchor points.

Supplied in a range of sizes and attached to the tent with carabiners. Water filled ballast bags provide a low impact anchor point which are easy to move between locations.


Your company logo can be applied to external side and end elevations of your Fast Tent.

The custom branding is printed on PVC banners which are attached to the tent with a powerful velcro frame. Using velcro attachments, means that should your logo change, a replacement set of banners can be provided.

What are the best tent options for you?

Explore the Fast Tent range to find the right solution for your industry.

If our standard range of tent widths is not suitable, we can design a completely custom size and shape tent. Contact our team with your requirements.


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