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Fast Tent provided a lower cost solution to scaffolding when a controlled environment was required for the application of waterproof coatings.


TGC Structural, established in 1967, are a construction contractor providing a range of construction services throughout the Pacific Northwest, USA.




A construction project on a school required the application of a new waterproof coating to a large flat roof. For the coatings to work properly, they needed to be applied in temperature and humidity controlled conditions and since the project needed to take place during the winter months, this meant some kind of protective covering was essential.

Initially a temporary roof constructed out of scaffolding and sheeting was considered. However, scaffolding would have been extremely costly and would have taken weeks to construct.



As an alternative to a temporary scaffolding structure, Njordair supplied six of our 16’ long x 46’ wide (5m long x 14m wide) Fast Tent modules. Since the modules are designed to be joined together if required, this created a dry and temperature controlled working area 96’ long x 46’ wide. After the specialist coating had been applied to each section of roof, the Fast Tent inflatable structures was deflated and moved.

Fast tent was a much lower cost solution compared with scaffolding but it was also much more flexible. It could be rapidly deployed and moved and of course, once purchased, could be used on other projects in the future.

Because time-scales were tight, Njordair immediately supplied two Fast Tent construction tents from our stock in the United Kingdom. These were despatched via air freight so that in just under one week, the customer had a controlled environment in which to work. We then commenced building another four of our 14m wide x 5m long modules (46’ x 16’). Because we were custom building these tents, we were able to customise the colour and branding to match the customer’s ‘corporate identity’.

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