Continental Construction

The Client

Continental Construction, headquartered in Naples, Florida are a luxury homebuilder specialising in the construction of properties in Florida and Montana.

In the winter of 2017/2018 Continental Construction approached Rhino Fast Tent for assistance on a construction project in the mountains of Montana. The problem was that due to high levels of snowfall, building materials were often being lost under the snow. This meant that materials were mistakenly being re-ordered and extra labour was needed to dig out building materials from underneath snow drifts each day.

The Tent

Rhino manufactured a 17 metre long (56’) x 13m wide (43’) inflatable ‘air beam’ Fast Tent and delivered it via air freight to Montana, USA. Although setting up a Fast Tent is quick and requires no specialist skills, two installers from Rhino then travelled to Montana to assist with the initial set-up. Continental Construction decided to split the tent in two halves and use each one as a an 8.5m (28’) temporary structure for storing materials and equipment during the winter.


In the mountains of Montana, The Fast Tent withstood snow loads from the first night it was installed. Following successful performance of the first tent supplied, Continental then ordered an additional tent to be used as a fabrication shed / workshop.

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