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The Client

Mid America Pool Renovation Inc, based in Grandview, Missouri specialize in premium grade swimming pool resurfacing and renovation across the USA. Over the past 30 years they have worked on a wide range of pools - from the Trump International Hotel in New York City to backyard pools in Kansas City.

What has not changed over the years is the challenging winter weather and it is the winter time, when pools are not being used, that is the busiest time for pool repair and refurbishment work.

When Mid America Pool decided to go looking for a pool protection tent, they searched high and low using the internet but they just could not find any supplier in the USA who could make them what they needed. Eventually they found Rhino Fast Tent, based near the city of Manchester in the United Kingdom.

The Tent

Mid America Pool Renovation chose a Fast Tent 55’ long x 43’ wide x 16’ high (17m x 13m x 4.8m). By having a Fast Tent manufactured as two separate tents (each complete with end walls and doors) they had the flexibility of being able to use the tent joined to cover and protect large pools or splitting the tent and using just half of the tent for a smaller backyard pool.

To match the Mid America Pool Renovation corporate colours they chose to specify their tent in dark blue, with the top of the roof in white. Using their logo, Rhino were able to print large PVC panels with their brand which are easily applied and removed as necessary to the sides and ends of the tent.


To ensure plenty of light, each end wall was specified with two windows with roll up covers and each end wall also contained a large roll up door for machinery access and a smaller roll up door for personnel. Additional webbing loops are specified throughout the roof of the tent if extra lighting is required.

As part of the service, two installers from Rhino travelled out to Missouri to assist with the first set up. Since the tent was being installed in a pool customer’s garden, ground anchors were not suitable. However, water from the swimming pool was pumped into Intermediate Bulk Containers, and the tent was strapped down to these. This means that when repairs are finished, the water can be pumped back, saving customers money on their water charges!

The finished tent allowed repair works to be carried out to a high standard in the temperature controlled interior of the tent. An added benefit to the pool company was that repair projects could be scheduled evenly throughout the winter months and work ‘bottlenecks’ were avoided.

What the client had to say

"Placing an order for two tents from outside the country was a bit of a leap of faith, but that was a reflection of how desperate we were for a solution. 

Outside temperatures were in the single digits, with snow on the ground and constant wind – the pools we worked on typically had around a foot of ice on top of the water. Even working in the snow, the Rhino tents were able to be put into operation with about an hour of set up.

Regardless of temperature, precipitation, snowfall and wind the environment inside the tent stayed warm and dry. 

After a year of use, the tents have performed flawlessly. We have not had to make any repairs, and the tents are robust enough to be in a construction environment without being damaged."

Austin Kateusz
General Manager - Mid-America Pool Renovation, Inc

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