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Change your colour

With a range of 18 colours to choose from, you can completely customise the outside and inside appearance of your tent to complement your logo and ‘brand’.

Personalize a tent with your logo and branding

Your company logo and branding can be proudly displayed on the sides and ends of your tent with digitally printed PVC banners. Need to change them in the future? No problem! The printed banners are completely removable.

Create a completely
customised design

We offer a complete design service. Contact us with your requirements, and our designers will explore and develop new concepts. We will take your sketches and prepare custom CAD drawings and 3D visuals which combine both visual impact and technical capability.

What are the best tent options for you?

Explore the Fast Tent range to find the right solution for your industry.

If our standard range of tent widths is not suitable, we can design a completely custom size and shape tent. Contact our team with your requirements.


Protection for all conditions

Rugged & Rapidly Deployed Construction Tent System