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  • Usage

    • Fast Tent is inflated using fans / blowers which continuously supply air to keep the
      air beams pressurised and the structure inflated. However, although a constant air
      system is the most commonly used and cost effective solution, a sealed beam
      option is available which once inflated, just needs occasional topping up.

    • A Fast tent is supplied as standard with a 110V electrically powered fan, we can
      supply a petrol or propane gas powered fan.

    • The speed of inflation will depend on the size of the tent but as a rough guide;

      Inflation per 5m (16ft) long module

      • 6m (20ft) – 45 seconds
      • 8m (26ft) – 1 minute 15 seconds
      • 10m (33ft) – 2 minutes 45 seconds
      • 12m (39ft) – 3 minutes 15 seconds
      • 14m (46ft) – 4 minutes 15 seconds

      Once inflated, additional time will be required to secure the tent via ground anchors or water / concrete ballast.

    • For a constant air tent, if the power supply to the blowers fail, the air beams will
      gradually lose pressure and the tent will slowly sink to the ground.

      It is advisable to split the fans over more than one generator or circuit so that the
      structure will stay inflated should a generator or circuit fail.

    • All of the fabrics we use are reinforced to stop a puncture or hole expanding.

      What happens in the event of a structure becoming punctured will depend on the
      type of tent.

      Constant Air : With these tents, the fans are constantly running and so maintain a
      constant pressure. The fan will compensate for the loss of air through the hole. A
      temporary repair can be made with a tape such as ‘Tear-Aid’ until such time a
      permanent glued or sewn repair can be made.

    • The deflation rate will vary according to the size of tent. Every 5m (16ft long) tent
      module has a ‘deflation zip’ fitted each side. These zips are opened to assist with
      the deflation process. Once the Fast Tent is fully deflated, it is ready to be folded
      and packed away. You can watch a video of the pack away process here

    • Fast Tents are typically divided into sections or modules that are then joined
      together. This means that weight and size is reduced. The number of people
      required for set up will depend on the size of the tent and the environment / ground
      conditions where it is to be installed.

      As a guide

      • 6m (20ft) – 2 people
      • 8m (26ft) – 2-3 people
      • 10m (33ft) – 3-4 people
      • 12m (39ft) – 4 people
      • 14m (46ft) – 4 people

      Note: Inflatable buildings are heavy. You have a legal duty to assess and eliminate or
      reduce the risk of injury from manual handling operations. Never try to lift a rolled /
      packed inflatable completely. Use a sack truck, skid or trolley to move.

    • Inflatable buildings have been tried and tested by the military from the heat of the
      desert to the cold of an Arctic winter.

    • The Fast Tent is manufactured from a flame retardant PVC and as such can be used
      for hot works such as welding / grinding if required.

    • When considering wind loading you should consider what is the maximum wind
      speed for deploying / setting up the tent and what is the recommended wind speed
      that the tent can withstand.

      It is recommended not to deploy Fast Tent in wind speeds above 20mph,

      However, once deployed and correctly anchored, Fast Tent can withstand wind
      speeds between 30 – 40mph.

      Regarding wind resistance, each tie down is manufactured to EN14960 which states
      that the pull out strength must be 160Kg. In fact, during tests ours achieved 500Kg
      per anchor. We normally put tie downs every 1.5m at high level mid level and along
      the base of the tent, so a 6m long tent would have 12 on each side with a combined
      wind load capacity of nearly 2 tons. However, increasing the number of tie downs to
      1m would increase loading capacity to nearly 3 tons each side.

      Tents are supplied with high level, mid level and ground level anchor points.

      For soft surfaces, 1m anchor pegs and 40cm long anchor pegs are supplied as

      Ratchet straps are used to connect the tent anchor points to the pegs / ground

    • Yes, the Fast Tent will keep your project dry. However, if the tent is left deflated on
      the ground for a significant period of time and standing water accumulates, then it is
      possible for this water to gradually leak through the tent seams. If this occurs, the
      tent should be left inflated with the fans running for 3-4 hours to ensure that this
      water is dissipated.

    • As temporary structures, our buildings do not carry specific snow load ratings.

      However, our buildings have been tried and tested in some of the toughest
      environments worldwide.

      The snow load capacity will differ according to the size of the tent but on average a
      Fast Tent structure can withstand 75Kg per square metre.

    • Tents are supplied with high level, mid level and ground level anchor points spaced
      at 1 metre / 3′ intervals. Each anchor point is rated to a pull out strength of 150Kg /
      300lbs. For soft surfaces, 1m long anchor pegs and 40cm long anchor pegs are
      supplied as standard. For hard surfaces, concrete blocks or water filled ISO
      containers are more suitable.

      Ratchet straps or ropes are used to connect the tent anchor points to the pegs /
      ground anchors.

      It is not recommended to undertake the set up / deployment of Fast Tent modules in
      wind speeds above 20mph. However, once deployed and correctly anchored, Fast
      Tent can comfortably withstand wind speeds up to 40mph. At wind speeds in
      excess of 40mph we recommend that the Fast Tent is deflated and left in situ. It can
      be rapidly re-inflated when wind speeds have reduced.

    • Yes! Many people assume that an air beam structure building is easily damaged but
      this is not the case.

      Firstly, because the structure is inflatable, if it is hit with an object, it will flex and
      absorb the impact rather than break.

      However, let’s assume the worst and the wall of the tent is cut. Will the tent simply
      collapse? No. Why? Because the tents are being constantly topped up with air and
      although they may lose some pressure, even a cut in the side of a tent up to 1 metre
      / 4 feet long would not cause it to collapse.

    • Not at all! Fast Tent has been designed for frequent rapid deployment and pack

    • For a constant air tent, where the blowers constantly maintain air pressure, a 1.5hp /
      2kW fan will use about 30 pence / 37 cents of electricity per hour.

    • It is important that a Fast Tent is properly anchored to withstand any wind loadings.
      If stakes / pegs cannot be used, such as when installed on a hard standing, water
      filled ballast or concrete blocks must be used.

    • The interior anchor points / straps are just used to assist with the inflation. Once the
      air beams are fully inflated they can be safely disconnected.

    • For 1.5hp fans:

      • 1x 1.5hp Fan = 2.8 kva Generator
      • 2x 1.5hp Fan = 4.3 kva Generator
      • 3x 1.5hp Fan = 5.8 kva Generator
      • 4x 1.5hp Fan = 7.6 kva Generator

      For 2.0hp fans:

      • 1x 2.0hp Fan = 3.2 kva Generator
      • 2x 2.0hp Fan = 5.5 kva Generator
      • 3x 2.0hp Fan = 7.9 kva Generator
      • 4x 2.0hp Fan = 10.8 kva Generator
    • Typically, our fans will generate 83 dBA at a distance of 5 metres.

    • Our constant air structures required the fans to be working all of the time. Our
      sealed air structures do not require constant operation of fans but do require
      topping up with air from time to time.

    • Each anchor point on the tent is rated to 150Kg (300lbs) and these are spaced at
      1m (6ft) intervals low / mid and high level. With all tie points utilised, the tent can
      comfortably withstand 40mph winds which is a Beaufort scale 8 or gale force wind.

    • No, there are low level, mid level and high level anchor points so over the top straps
      are not needed.

    • Are buildings are designed to create temporary and portable work environments.
      However, it is possible to leave our structures up for many months.

    • We all know the frustration of trying to pack a tent back in a bag!. As a guide, here
      are the approximate packed sizes;

      6m 1.35m L x 85cm W x 75cm H
      20ft 4.6ft L x 2.46ft W x 2.46ft H
      8m 1.5m L x 90cm W x 90cm H
      26ft 4.9ft L x 2.9ft W x 2.9ft H
      10m 1.5m L x 1m W x 1m H
      33ft 4.9ft L x 3.2ft W x 3.2ft H
      12m 1.8m L x 1.2m W x 1.2m H
      39ft 6ft L x 4ft W x 4ft H
      14m 2m L x 1.5m W x 1.5m H
      46ft 6.5ft L x 5ft W x 5ft H


  • Specification

    • Fast Tent is manufactured from a heavy duty PVC coated reinforced flexible
      polyester or nylon fabric. It is non toxic, and is approximately 630 grams/square
      metre. Material is stitched together with a minimum of two lines of rot resistant
      nylon thread with reinforcing strips of PVC or webbing strips where required.

    • Yes, Fast Tents are constructed from material certified flame retardant material
      which meets the relevant standards worldwide. These certificates are available upon

    • Yes, all Rhino Fast Tents are manufactured from UV resistant materials tested to

    • Yes. Our most popular models are available as a standard range. Every module is 5
      metres (16ft) long. The standard widths are 6m (20ft), 8m (26ft), 10m (33ft), 12m
      (40ft) and 14m (46ft). However, if you have a need for a custom size or design we
      can handle that.

    • Because Fast Tents is designed as 5m (16 ft) long modules, they can be joined
      together to create a protected work area of almost any length. In terms of width, we
      can comfortably build tents up to 20 metres (66 ft) wide. If you need something
      bigger, let us know!

    • A walk door is included in each end wall. It is the same size on every tent. It is 1m
      wide (3.3 ft) x 2m high (6.5 ft).

    • Large roll up doors are fitted as standard to each end wall on tents 8m (26ft) wide
      and above.

      Tent Width  Roll Up Door Size
      8m 2.5m x 2.5m
      26 ft 8.2ft x 8.2ft
      10m 3m x 3.5m
      33 ft 9.8ft x 11.5ft
      12m 4m x 4m
      39 ft 13ft x 13ft
      14m 4m x 4m
      39 ft 13ft x 13ft


      Notes: End wall of tent can be removed completely to create a large opening for

    • A range of standard colours are available; Black, White, Brown, Bright Green, Dark
      Green, Sky Blue, Ice Blue, Dark Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Grey, Yellow, Sand.

      Try experimenting with colour combinations by using the Fast Tent [online

    • Yes, we can work with you to design a building that meets your exact requirements.

    • Our in house printing facility can digitally print your logo and brand message on to
      flexible PVC banners which are tightly fixed to the sides and ends of the Fast Tent
      with a strong velcro ‘picture frame’. Please supply your logo in print quality – vector
      or EPS file.

      Because the printed banners are attached using velcro, they are easily changed.
      Typically we manufacture two smaller panels to fit on the end walls of the tent
      (above the access doors) and two larger panels which are fitted on to the side walls
      of the Fast Tent. The size of these branded panels increases according to the size of
      the tent.

      Tent Width Printed Banner Size
      6m (20 ft) Sides – 3.3ft L x 1.6ft H Ends – 3.3ft L x 1.6ft H
      8m (26 ft) Sides – 5.7ft L x 2.85ft H Ends – 5.7ft L x 2.85ft H
      10m (33 ft) Sides – 8.2ft L x 4.16ft H Ends – 8.2ft L x 4.16ft H
      12m (39 ft) Sides – 10ft L x 5ft H Ends – 10ft L x 5ft H
      14m (39 ft) Sides – 10ft L x 5ft H Ends – 10ft L x 5ft H
    • Fast Tent is a ‘turnkey’ solution, everything you need to set up and operate your
      work tent is supplied. Unlike a traditional framed tent, there are very few separate
      components which means there is very little which can be lost or broken.

      We supply;

      • Fast Tent – Choose from 6m-14m (20ft-46ft width)
      • Transport Bag.
      • Fans / Blowers – Voltage / plug according to country of destination
      • Rope – 18mm (3/4”) Polypropylene rope attached to each multi directional anchor
      • Ground anchors – 30cm + 75cm (12” + 29”) steel stakes.
      • Minor repair kit – Matching colour PVC material, glue, needle, thread.
      • Operating manual
    • Depending on where your power is located you may need an extension cable for the
      fans / blowers and you will need a mallet if you are using the ground stakes to

      We offer a range of accessories and upgrades.

    • A constant flow tent is built by stitching together panels of PVC to create a twin
      walled tent made of interconnecting air cells and air beams. Because the PVC is
      stitched, air can escape from the tiny perforations produced during stitching. Air
      must be continuously supplied to keep the air beams pressurised. This is the
      principle of “constant flow”.

      Inflatables are usually supplied with electrically powered fans but can be ordered
      with a petrol (or propane gas) powered fan option.

      A sealed inflatable consists of high pressure air beams which create a framework
      over which a single layer of PVC is connected. These tubes are built and joined
      using heat welded seams so that the air cannot escape once inflated. This type of
      air structure requires a much smaller fan to inflate and it can be reversed in order to
      deflate the structure. The inflatable is fitted with valves to prevent over inflation.
      Although these tents are described as ‘sealed’ they do require a brief top up with air
      every day or so.

    • Weight will depend on the size of the tent. All tents are supplied as a 5m (16ft) long
      modules. Weights here are the tent weight only – i.e. not including stakes, ropes,
      blowers and packaging.

      6m (20ft) 139 Kg (306 lbs)
      8m (26ft) 210 Kg (462 lbs)
      10m (33ft) 271Kg (597 lbs)
      12m (39ft) 330 Kg (727 lbs)
      14m (46ft) 402 Kg (886 lbs)


    • Our tents do not come with a floor. Flooring can be purchased as a separate

  • Ordering

    • All our inflatables come complete with the following items:

      • 12 months manufacturer’s warranty.
      • Relevant fan / blower.
      • Rope.
      • Initial safety certificate.
      • Operating instructions.
      • Minor repair kit.
      • Storage bag.
    • A tent built to your custom requirements (size / colours / branding) will usually take
      4-6 weeks. However, we have a stock of pre-made tents located in our UK and USA

    • At this time we do not have a dedicated rental fleet. However, please contact our
      team to discuss.

    • Yes, we can deliver Fast Tents worldwide via sea freight (or air freight when time is
      of the essence). Even if you are not familiar with importing products into your
      country, our freight forwarding agents are always available to ensure everything
      goes smoothly.

    • If our standard range of tent widths is not suitable, we can design a completely
      customised tent. Contact our team with your requirements.

    • We understand that purchasing products from another country can be daunting,
      especially if you are not familiar with the process and if you have not worked with a
      supplier before.

      We’ve been in business for many years. To learn more about our founders, our office
      and factory teams, take a look at our ‘About’ pages

      We are an established part of our local business community which includes
      membership (No.1253) of our local Chamber Of Commerce – East Cheshire – https://eastcheshirechamber.co.uk

  • Maintenance

    • Your Fast Tent carries a 12 month one year warranty. Rhino has the option to repair
      the Fast Tent, replace with a new model free of charge or make a refund. The owner
      must return the Fast Tent to Rhino for inspection. Of course, wear and tear or
      damage resulting from neglect, abuse or failure to comply with installation, storage
      and care instructions is excluded. For full details of the warranty please refer to
      Rhino’s Standard Conditions of sale and Warranty.

    • It might be assumed that an air beam structure building could be easily damaged.
      However, because the structure is inflatable, if it is hit with an object, it will flex and
      absorb the impact rather than snap or break.

      If the wall of the tent is cut, although some pressure, may be lost, the fans will
      increase air flow to compensate. A cut could be quickly repaired using duct tape.
      We supply a repair kit to allow a more permanent repair. Fast Tent modules carry a
      12 month (one year) warranty.

    • Small tears of up to 10cm long can be repaired using the repair kit included with
      your inflatable.

      Your kit includes:

      • PVC patches
      • Tube of contact adhesive
      • Needles(s) – do not use these on sealed air structures

      The repair process (glue)

      1. Ensure the Fast Tent is clean and dry.
      2. Cut out a patch at least 20cm larger than the hole or tear and round off the
        corners of the patch.
      3. Place the patch over the hole and mark around the patch.
      4. Apply a thin layer of glue to the patch and the area marked on the tent. Wait
        a few minutes.
      5. Apply the patch and ensure air bubbles are removed.
      6. Apply weight if possible and leave for at least 24 hours before use.

      The repair process (needle & thread)

      1. Cut out a patch at least 20cm larger than the hole or tear and round off the
        corners of the patch.
      2. Thread the needle and using the loop sewing method stitch around the edge
        of the patch with stitches that are 3mm to 5mm apart.
    • The glossy finish to the surface of the PVC means that the Fast Tent is easily
      cleaned with a pressure washer.
      For very dirty jobs, it is possible to fix a disposable inner liner to the tent.

    • Aside from treating it well the most important thing is not to store your shelter while
      it is wet, this will likely cause it to become mouldy. If you use the shelter in the rain
      be sure to dry it out before the next day or so before putting it away for storage.
      Used in this way your Fast Tent will provide many years of service.

      The life expectancy of inflatable buildings depends upon the climate in which they
      are installed and particularly the levels of UV light to which the pneumatic structures
      are exposed.

    • Fast Tent is different because it has been developed by a group of people who have
      detailed, first hand knowledge of construction environments and the challenges
      faced. We know that it needs to be robust, foolproof. We know that construction
      sites can be awkward places to work and we know that time is of the essence and
      the failure of a product can have huge consequences in terms of delays. Because
      we set up the products on site we have first hand, detailed knowledge.

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