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What is an

It’s a structure that achieves strength and stability by using internal air pressure to put tension into the envelope or skin of the building.

Constructed of lightweight and flexible materials, inflatable buildings are ideal for a variety of temporary applications.

Why Fast Tent?


    Ready to protect your
    project in minutes


    No fiddly parts and
    components to lose


    Resistant to impact,
    withstands snow and
    wind loads


    Affordable installation


    Surface doesn’t
    need preparation

  • SAFE

    No working at height
    required during setup
    or dismantle


    Easy to transport
    & redeploy


    Easy to move
    even after set-up


    Choose from 18 colours
    & custom digital printing

Module Widths

Our standard tent range comprises seven widths:

Sealed Air Range

  • 2m 7ft
  • 4m 13ft
  • 6m 20ft

Constant Air Range

  • 6m 20ft
  • 8m 26ft
  • 10m 33ft
  • 12m 39ft
  • 14m 46ft

Module Length

Standard Fast Tent length is 5m | 16ft.

Flexible Use

Use standalone…

…or remove walls…

…and join together.

Modules are joined with Dutch lacing and rain flap to create shelters of any lenght.

Which type of tent is best for you?

Constant Air

Sometimes referred to as an ‘air cell’ structure, this is an inflatable building built by stitching two layers of interconnected PVC membrane. The gap between the layers is pressurised with air to create a double skin building.

  • Fans can maintain pressure, even if tent is damaged.
  • Great for larger tents (8m / 26’ widths and over).
  • Stitched PVC means fans must operate continuously to replace lost air
  • Double skin wall thickness reduces internal area.

Constant Air Tent
External Features

  • Fan & filler pipe

    Each section of tent has an air filler pipe on either side to allow flexibility of installation. A cover flap allows the filler pipe to be neatly tucked away when not required.

  • High-level anchors


  • Mid-level anchors


  • Ground anchors


  • Roll-up door


  • Your logo


  • Removable end walls


  • Windows


  • Walk-in door


  • Rain Flap


Internal Features

  • Inflation Straps

    Removable after inflation

  • Floor not included


  • Ducting hole

    12” | 300mm`

  • PE Roof Light


  • Internal Webbing Loop Ties


  • Roll up window blinds

    With strapneck & com buckles

  • Extra Ground Protection


Sealed Air

Sometimes related to as an ‘air beam’ structures, this is an inflatable building built by heat welding air inflated tubes to create arches and beams which support a single layer skin.

  • Quiet & economical – fans top up pressure intermittently.
  • Capable to handle power outages.
  • More costly to manufacture than constant air structures.
  • Not suitable for tents over 8m | 26’ wide.

Sealed Air Tent
External Features

  • Rain flap

    covers joint between tents

  • High-level
    anchor point

  • Mid-level anchor point


  • Ground level anchor point


  • End wall anchor


  • Removeable branding


  • Water ballast


  • Tent connection point


  • Grab handle


  • Inflation with automatic pressure sense


  • End wall windows


  • Side wall windows


  • Ducting collar


  • Roof light


Internal Features

  • Internal partitions


  • Roll up window blinds


  • Sealed air beam structure


  • Internal ties


  • Roof Light


  • Inflation & pressure monitoring point


  • Removeable end wall


  • Removeable floor


What are the best tent options for you?

Explore the Fast Tent range to find the right solution for your industry.

If our standard range of tent widths is not suitable, we can design a completely custom size and shape tent. Contact our team with your requirements.


Stock Tents

If you need a solution now, we can immediately supply tents from our stock.