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We use the most advanced technologies available in design, cutting, printing and stitching to create the most durable and reliable technical products available today.

We use only the
best materials

All of our inflatable structures are manufactured from 610 or 930gsm high commercial grade PVC coated material, tested to BS3424 with flame retardancy tested to BS5438.

Our sewn inflatables are quadruple stitched with high quality German thread to ensure superior strength and robust designs to enhance the structural integrity of our products.

Our sealed inflatable team are some of the most experienced and proficient in the inflatable world and utilise state of the art welding machinery.

The result is a range of products built to a standard high enough for government, military & emergency services use.


Our Difference

Njordair’s long term manufacturing partner is Airquee, the largest inflatable manufacturer in Europe.

“The partnership between Airquee and Njordair has resulted in a wonderful collaboration that pushes the boundaries, possibilities and usability of technical inflatable tents in the global market. Airquee are proud to work with Aubrey, Steve and their team.”

Mark John

Managing Director of Airquee

The Airquee

  • Size

    Airquee employs over 350 people employed across 3 sites totalling 14,000 square metres (150,000 square feet) in Sfantu Gheorge, Romania.

  • Quality

    The largest raw material stock holding in Europe. Flame retardant to British Standard BS5438: method 2, French Standard M2, German Standard B1 and US standards. Paints and inks are EN71: Part 3 compliant.

  • Precision

    Whilst many manufacturers still cut by hand using scissors and knives, Airquee utilise precision cutting machines to achieve pinpoint accuracy and consistency.

Delivery &

Wherever you are in the world, we can ship a Fast Tent to you via road, sea or air.

We will generate all the export paperwork, typically a commercial invoice and packing list, bills of lading (sea freight) and airway bills (air freight).

If you are unfamiliar with importing goods, our logistics partners can arrange a shipping agent local to you to provide assistance.

Returns &

All Njordair products are backed by a 12 months return to base manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Step 1

    Report the problem.
    Our team can be contacted
    on +44 (0)1477 532222 or
    email [email protected]

  • Step 2

    Our team will investigate
    and advise course of action – either repair or replacement.

  • Step 3

    Once the faulty inflatable tent has been returned it will be inspected and the warranty problem confirmed.

  • Step 4

    We complete the work needed. The tent will then be dispatched back to you.

What are the best tent options for you?

Explore the Fast Tent range to find the right solution for your industry.

If our standard range of tent widths is not suitable, we can design a completely custom size and shape tent. Contact our team with your requirements.


Protection for all conditions

Rugged & Rapidly Deployed Construction Tent System