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1.5hp Fan

Constant Air UK Construction Site




Constant Air inflatable buildings require a continuous flow of air to maintain pressure.

Our 110V 1.5hp fan, manufactured by Gibbons in the UK is designed to be used with ‘constant air’ Fast Tent structures on UK construction sites. A 110V fan offers increased safety due to the lower voltage used. The IP44 weather resistant design is CE approved and fitted with a 110V rated yellow CEE Form Plug, 2P+E, IP44.

Every Fast Tent building comes as standard with fan(s) suitable for the region where the tent will be used. To set up, the tent filler pipe is simply connected and tightened around the fan outlet with a strap and cam buckle. Once the fan is switched on it will inflate a Fast Tent inflatable building in just a few minutes.

The 1.5hp fan is typically used on Fast Tent buildings up to 10m wide. For structures 12m wide and above, where 110V is required, we supply 2 x 1.5hp fans.

  • Product Name: 1.5 hp Fan (UK Construction Use)
    Njordair Code: 6512
    Region: UK Construction Site
    Dimensions: 54cm x 24cm x 55cm
    Rated input power: 2.04kW
    Rated output power: 1.1kW
    Horsepower: 1.5 hp
    Voltage: 110 V
    Frequency: 50 Hz
    Power: 856w
    Starting current: 30.6 A
    Max running current: 18.5A
    Weight: 16.6Kg
    Air Flow: 850 cubic feet per minute