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14m Fast Tent Module

Constant Air




Fast Tent is a self erecting, heavy duty inflatable shelter system designed for rapid deployment and relocation.

Using Fast Tent prevents weather-related downtime and keeps your crews safe & productive year round. Fast Tents also create a professional image for your business.

The 14m (46’) wide Fast Tent (constant air) work tent is a rapid deployment air building suitable for a wide range of applications in tough operational environments and is a popular choice with the construction industry. With rapidly inflatable reinforced PVC ‘air beams’, our 14m (33ft) wide ‘Fast Tent’ inflates in just 4 minutes 10 seconds.

Supplied as a 5m (16’) long module. Use it as a ‘standalone’ building or join multiple modules together (end walls are removable).

Need a different size? We have Fast Tents from 6m (20’) to 14m (46’) wide in our constant air range.

  • Dimensions  
    Length 5m (16′)
    Width (outside) 14m (46)
    Width (inside) 12m (40′)
    Height (outside) 7m (23′)
    Height (inside) 6.1m (20′)
    Packed Size 2m x 1.5m x 1.5m (6.5′ x 5′ x 5′)
    Weight  419Kg (923lbs)
    Frame n/a
    Side Walls 620gsm PVC (Flame Retardant)
    End Walls 2 x removable – 620gsm PVC (Flame Retardant)
    Roof 620gsm PVC (Flame Retardant) with lightweight PU option.
    Module Connection 9 x dutch lacing sections + rain cover
    Standard Features  
    Windows 12 x clear PVC windows – 60cm x 90cm (23″ x 35″)
    Access 2 x pedestrian door – 1m x 2m (3’2″ x 6’5″)
      2 x machinery door – 4m x 4m (13′ x 13′)
    Fans 1.5hp (one for each tent module)
    Fill Points 2 x 0.75m (2’6″) filler pipes (1 each side)
    Deflation Zips 2 x 1m (3’3″) quick deflate zips
    Internal Ties 40 x webbing loops
    Document Pouch 1 x 350mm x 350mm (14″ x 14″) clear external pouch in end wall
    Duct Holes 2 x 300mm (12″) ducting holes with velcro flap
    Anchors (Each side)  
    High Level 5 x multi directional webbing – 150Kg (330 lbs) capacity
    Mid Level 5 x multi directional webbing – 150Kg (330 lbs) capacity
    Ground Level 7 x heavy duty metal ring – 150Kg (330lbs) capacity (red/green colour coded)
    Anchors (Each end)  
    High Level 12 x multi directional webbing – 150Kg (330lbs) capacity
    Ground Level 10 x multi directional webbing – 150Kg (330lbs) capacity
    Standard Accessories  
    Transport Bag Heavy duty PVC Transport Bag
    Repair Kit 640gsm PVC material, glue, needle & thread
    Stakes 300mm + 750mm (12″ + 29″) long reinforced steel
    Ties 18mm (3/4″) polypropylene rope
    Colours (Built to order) Choice of 18 colours
    Branding / Logos  
    Side Walls 2 x removable digitally printed PVC banners – 300cm L x 150cm H (9’10” x 4’11”)
    End Walls 2 x removable digitally printed PVC banners – 300cm long x 150cm H (9’10” x 4’11”)
    Note: Specification and dimensions may be subject to change without notice.


    Download Datasheet

  • You can find answers to frequently asked questions here

    • Anchoring
    • Webbing
    • Steel Anchor
      Peg – 90cm
    • Steel Anchor
      Peg – 40cm
    • Fan(s)
    • Transport &
      storage bag
    • Repair
    • Operational

Add your branding!

Your company logo can be applied to external side and end elevations of your Fast Tent, with a powerful velcro frame.

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