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2.0hp Fan

Constant Air USA / Canada 115V




Our 115V 2hp fan, manufactured by Zoom Blowers in the USA designed to be used with ‘constant air’ Fast Tent structures in the USA & Canada. Constant Air inflatable buildings require a continuous flow of air to maintain pressure.

To set up, the tent filler pipe is simply connected and tightened around the fan outlet with a strap and cam buckle. Once the fan is switched on it will inflate Fast Tent buildings in just a few minutes.

The 2hp fan is typically used on Fast Tent buildings of 10m wide and above.

It has a weatherproof illuminated power switch and can be secured to the ground using 1/2” hook stakes.

ETL Listed, certified for both US and Canadian commercial use. 2hp fans are also available in 240V (UK) and 230V (Europe) versions.

  • Product Name: 2.0 hp Fan (Constant Air) USA / Canada 115V
    Njordair Code: 6514
    Region: USA/Canada
    Plug Type: NEMA
    Horsepower: 2.0 hp
    Voltage: 115 V
    Frequency: 60 Hz
    Power: 963 W
    Current: 12.1 A
    Weight: 40 lbs (18Kg)
    Air Flow: 1013 Cubic Feet Per Minute