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4m Fast Tent Module

Sealed Air




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The 4m (13’) wide Fast Tent (sealed air) work tent is a rapid deployment air building, suitable for a wide range of applications in tough operational environments and a popular choice with the military and emergency services.

Supplied as a 5m (16’) long module. Use it as a ‘standalone’ building or join multiple modules together (end walls are removable).

Our sealed air Fast Tent range is constructed from an inflatable framework with a single skin cover. The fire retardant coated PVC fabric is welded together using hot air or high frequency welding techniques which produces an air tight seam. This means it does not require constant inflation.

‘Build your own’ using our online configurator and customise the colours and branding.

Need something larger? We have Fast Tents up to 6m (20’) wide in our sealed air range and up to 14m (46’) wide in our constant air range.

  • Dimensions  
    Length 5m (16′)
    Width (outside) 4m (13′)
    Width (inside) 3.4m (11′)
    Height (outside) 2.9m (9′ 10″)
    Height (inside) 2.6m (8′ 6″)
    Packed Size 1.2m x 1.2m x 0.9m (4′ x 4′ x 3′)
    Weight  178 Kg (392 lbs)
    Frame Plato 1140gsm PVC (Flame Retardant) (M2) 30cm diameter tubes
    Side Walls Gloss 620gsm PVC (Flame Retardant)
    End Walls 2 x removable – 620gsm PVC (Flame Retardant)
    Roof 620gsm PVC (Flame Retardant) with semi-transparent apex
    Module Connection 7 x dutch lacing sections + rain cover
    Standard Features  
    Windows 8 x clear PVC windows – 60cm x 90cm (23″ x 35″)
    Access 2 x pedestrian door – 1m x 2m (3’2″ x 6’5″)
    Fans Sealed Air Fan with Automatic Pressure Sense + 2.5m hose
    Fill Points 1 x inflation / deflation valve, 1 x pressure sense valve, 1 x pressure release valve
    / Deflation Zips n/a
    Internal Ties 48 x webbing loops
    Document Pouch 1 x 350mm x 350mm (14″ x 14″) clear external pouch in end wall
    Duct Holes 4 x 300mm (12″) ducting holes with PVC ‘sock’ and tie
    Anchors (Each side)  
    High Level 4 x multi directional webbing – 150Kg (330 lbs) capacity (red/green colour coded)
    Mid Level 4 x multi directional webbing – 150Kg (330lbs) capacity (red/green colour coded)
    Ground Level 4 x multi directional webbing – 150Kg (330lbs) capacity (red/green colour coded)
    Anchors (Each end)  
    High Level n/a
    Ground Level n/a
    Standard Accessories  
    Transport Bag Heavy duty PVC Transport Bag
    Repair Kit 640gsm PVC material, glue, needle & thread
    Stakes 300mm + 750mm (12″ + 29″) long reinforced steel
    Ties 18mm (3/4″) polypropylene rope
    Colours (Built to order) Choice of 12 colours
    Branding / Logos  
    Side Walls 2 x removable digitally printed PVC banners – 200cm L x 45cm H (6’6″ x 1’6″)
    End Walls 2 x removable digitally printed PVC banners – 100cm L x 35cm H (3’3″ x 1’2″)
    Note: Specification and dimensions may be subject to change without notice.


    Download Datasheet

  • You can find answers to frequently asked questions here

    • Anchoring
    • Webbing
    • Steel Anchor
      Peg – 90cm
    • Steel Anchor
      Peg – 40cm
    • Fan(s)
    • Transport &
      storage bag
    • Repair
    • Operational

Add your branding!

Your company logo can be applied to external side and end elevations of your Fast Tent, with a powerful velcro frame.

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