Sealed Air Automatic Pressure Sensing




This is a fully automated inflating / deflating system able to keep the pressure of large air structures within an optimum range.

The recommended pressure of the sealed Fast Tent structure is between 0.9 bar and 0.15 bar. We pre-configure our sealed air fan to an ideal 0.12 bar before despatching. The tolerated change in pressure is +/- 0,03 bar, which means if the pressure drops below 0.9 bar the fan switches on automatically, and stops if the pressure rises above 0.15 bar.

The fan is also capable of releasing pressure from the inflated structure if that pressure exceeds 0.15 bar (e.g. prolonged exposure to the sun).

Available in 230V (for UK and Europe). The sealed air fan can also be used for completely deflating a sealed air structure / framework, which makes folding and packing the inflatable into a compact unit far easier.

  • Product Name: Fan (Sealed Air) Automatic Pressure Sensing
    Njordair Code: 6518 (230V)
    Region: UK/Europe
    Dimensions: 40 x 17 x 26 cm
    Voltage: 230V AC
    Power Supply: 2000w
    Cord Length: 3m
    Weight: 5Kg
    Max Pressure: 5.8 PSI (400mbar)
    Air flow: 2000 litres per minute
    Internal Use Only

  • Manufacturer: Scoprega
    Manufacturer Product Name: GE 230/2000 A.R.S.
    Manufacturer Part Number: K6131090
    Supplier: Airquee
    Supplier Code:
    Available as 230V (UK and Europe)