Sealed Air




This compact and economical fan is used to inflate small ‘sealed air’ inflatables. This is a manually controlled fan.

The sealed air fan can also be used for completely deflating a sealed air structure / framework, which makes folding and packing the inflatable into a compact unit far easier.

For large sealed air inflatable structures we recommend our sealed air fan with automatic pressure sensing (APS).

Available in 230V version (for UK and Europe) or 120V version (for USA and Canada).

  • Product Name: Fan (Sealed Air)
    Njordair Code: 6528 (230V) + 6526UK (120V)
    Region: UK/Europe/USA/Canada
    Dimensions: 15 x 16 x 17 cm
    Voltage: 230V
    Power Supply: 1000w
    Max Pressure: 3.6 PSI (250mbar)
    Air flow: 1700 litres per minute
    Supplied with fan adapter AP3173
    Internal Use Only

  • Manufacturer: Scoprega
    Manufacturer Product Name: Bravo GE-OV10-230V
    Manufacturer Part Number: K6130400
    Supplier: Airquee
    Supplier Code: AP3165
    Available as 230V (UK and Europe) or 120V (USA).