Swimming Pool Repair Tents

Swimming pool owners don’t want their pool or spa to be out of action in the summer months. This gives the swimming pool building industry a challenge with most repair and refurbishment projects taking place in the winter months when weather conditions are less than ideal for construction work.

Our swimming pool repair tent is designed to enable all kinds of swimming pool and spa works to be carried out in a completely protected and controlled environment.


Our standard range of tents are available in 6m long modules and widths from 4 metres to 18 metres.

Custom range tents can be custom made to any size or shape.

  • Constructed from 630gsm flame retardant PVC.
  • Choice of colours – see full list of colours here (link to colours page)
  • Optional removable branding panels – for digital artwork requirements click here
  • 6 high level anchors + 4 mid level anchors + 12 ground level anchors each side of tent – link to detail / image
  • Tension sheet at ends.
  • Dutch lacing + velcro rain flap at tent join.
  • 2 runs of webbing loops internally at 2 metre intervals (for fixing lights etc)
  • 2 × 110V air blowers

Also included with your air building;

  • Transport bag
  • 1 metre long anchor pegs
  • 40cm long anchor pegs
  • Repair kit containing glue, patches, thread
  • Ropes

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