Yacht Repair & Refit Tent

Traditionally, when a yacht requires repair or refit, the work needs protecting from weather. Typically, there are two options;

  1. Find a large shed or covered dock and move the vessel inside.
  2. Keep the vessel outside and erect a scaffolding or timber / plastic tube framework and cover with sheeting.

Both of these have disadvantages. Purpose built sheds and covered docks for marine repair & refit are booked up many months in advance. Scaffolding is expensive and time consuming to erect / dismantle and having scaffolders clambering all over the vessel with steel tubes to erect a temporary roof is not ideal. Even if you of find a large shed or hanger, the boat will still often need tenting to protect other boats nearby from dirt and dust created.

The benefits of an inflatable yacht tent;

  1. Open & airy interior – no scaffold tubes touching the deck and getting in the way of work on the vessel
  2. Excellent temperature and humidity control as the tent is extremely well insulated. Better environment for repair and repainting work.
  3. Risk of damage to the vessel from scaffolding eliminated.
  4. Very quick installation process – a day versus a couple of weeks for scaffold and shrink wrap.
  5. Very quick to dismantle – useful in areas where strong winds may be experienced.

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