Packing Instructions

Before deflating, clean / remove any dirt from the tent. The PVC coated fabric is suitable for pressure washing and will shed dirt and dust easily. Allow to dry. Make sure everything is removed from inside the air building. 

Turn off the fans and remove fan from air filler pipe. Open all deflation zips and filler tubes. Leave the anchorages connected until the tent is flat and then remove all pegs. Once the air building is fully deflated, disconnect the velcro rain flap and untie dutch lacing to separate sections. Leave at least 10 minutes to deflate and ensure that as much air as possible has escaped before starting to roll and pack the inflatable. 

The most efficient way of packing is by folding the inflatable in half and walking from the end opposite the air inlet towards the air inlet. The best shape for a packed Fast tent is normally a roll with the diameter of the roll between a half and a third of the length. Never try to lift a rolled / packed inflatable completely. Use a sack truck or trolley to move.

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