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Uses and Industries

Inflatable structures provide a robust and versatile solution to the problem of creating controlled environments. Compared to traditional structures of wood, metal or plastic, an inflatable building is faster to deploy and easier to relocate.

Our products are deployed all over the world for a variety of uses across many industries.


Outdoor construction projects are vulnerable to delays caused by weather and temperature extremes. A Njordair construction tent provides a controlled working environment to reduce weather related downtime by keeping workers protected and productive.





Aircraft repairs & maintenance require a clean and stable environment to avoid contamination. Furthermore, these expensive assets must be turned around quickly.

When the aircraft cannot be taken to a hangar, a Njordair inflatable rapidly shelter can be taken to the aircraft instead.

Customised / bespoke design allows a snug encapsulation around the engines, wings and fuselages and it is rapidly deployed, packed away and relocated. With a choice of 18 colours and fully customisable branding options, provides a smart & professional appearance airside.


The marine industry has seen substantial increases in the number of vessels
However, when it comes to repairs and maintenance, there are a limited number of large sheds, hangars and covered docks where the work can take place. Njordair inflatable shelters provide a mobile solution, by bringing the workshop to the ship, reducing downtime.




It was the military and emergency services who first recognised the benefits of air beam buildings. Often used for field hospitals or command centres, their rapid deployment and simple rugged reliability has been tried & tested in some of the most extreme environments worldwide.

Construction Tent

When your workers are protected they are more productive. When your projects are protected, the costs associated with project delays and shutdowns are minimised. With rapidly inflatable reinforced PVC ‘air beams’, a Fast Tent unit is self supporting, no framework or scaffolding is required and it can be quickly & easily relocated. The double walled construction provides very good insulation and robust load bearing capability.

Faster Installation

Whilst a traditional scaffold frame and sheeting such as shrink wrap could take days to achieve, a Fast Tent system inflates in just a couple of minutes.

Consistent Quality

The effectiveness of most traditional tenting and sheeting systems is dependent on the skill of the installer and weather conditions during set up. Fast tent is manufactured and tested off site and we can incorporate colours and corporate branding.

Safe & Sustainable

As fast tent is self supporting, no scaffolding or other framework is required and work at height is eliminated. The system’s inflatable skin provides superb insulation and far easier control of the internal environment. Because Fast tent is re-usable there is no sheeting to be disposed of.

Swimming Pool
Repair Tent

Pool construction companies share a common problem. Customers typically want work to take place in the winter / spring so the pool is ready for the summer. By utilising a winter construction tent, pool companies can stay productive. The ability to schedule work throughout the winter (without weather related downtime) helps to avoid ‘bottlenecks’ in the Spring when every customer wants their pool be ready at the same time.

What are the best tent options for you?

Explore the Fast Tent range to find the right solution for your industry.

If our standard range of tent widths is not suitable, we can design a completely custom size and shape tent. Contact our team with your requirements.


Protection for all conditions

Rugged & Rapidly Deployed Construction Tent System