Why Fast Tent

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    Air beam structure

    Using an air beam structure allows rapid set up without any work at height. It also creates a very open and airy interior with nothing to get in the way of the work. No special foundations are required and the risk of damage to surrounding areas is minimised If the air beam structure is hit by something, it will flex, not break!

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    Removable End Walls

    Every Fast Tent is supplied with completely removable end walls. This means that tents can be used independently or joined together to make a work tent of almost any length.

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    Insulating Side Walls

    Double air conducting walls provide very good insulation & robust load bearing construction. Excellent temperature and humidity control. Better environment for repair and refit work.

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    Zipped doors & windows

    Roll up zipper doors allow easy access for pedestrians and much larger pieces of machinery and equipment. PVC windows with roll up covers.

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    Choice Of Colours and Removable Branding

    Fast Tent is available in any combination of 16 colours – Yellow / Dark Blue / Red / Kermit Green / Ice Blue / Bright Green / Purple / Brown / Dark Green / Sky Blue / Black / Orangina / Fuschia / Grey / Orange / Pink. Additionally we can digitally print any logo on to removable panels which are attached to the sides and ends of the tent.

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    Anchor Points

    Anchor points are typically installed at low level, mid level and high levels. Each anchor is constructed to EN14960 which means that it must support a load of at least 160kg. Ratchet straps are installed and secured to either ground anchors or weights / kentledge.

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    Filler pipes x 4 with cover flaps

    Each section of tent has an air filler pipe on either side to allow flexibility of installation. A cover flap allows the filler pipe to be neatly tucked away when not required.

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